About us

The role of President, is the only structure of the RHM. We Have no constitution and no laws; it is a loose network, not a club. Each country has a co-ordinator. In 2013 two Italian women, took over the role of President.

The President

I enjoy walking, ski touring and climbing. I have been coming to RHM since 1995 and aim to come every year.I like to travel and visit wild places all over the world.I would like RHM to be a focus for women who love mountain activities. I like meeting other women with those same interests.
I like climbing, ski touring, cycling, running and walking. I like mountains very much I first attended RHM at an ice meeting in Alleghe in 1999 I like to attend all the RHM meetings but find the most beautiful is the one in summer. I like all aspects of being in mountains, but most of all I like climbing in the sun on good rock.I think RHM is an incredible opportunity to climb with other women and make new friends. It is also good to be part of a historical network.

In these countries we have co-ordinators

I live in London
I love all mountain activities
I have been attending RHM summer meets since 2005
I particularly love the Alps in Switzerland and France, but also enjoy the mountains of north western Scotland
I treasure the opportunity of climbing with other women and developing and maintaining many international friendships.